Staying in is the new going out

According to recent research conducted by money saving website more than 75% of Millennials said they’d rather stay in than go on a night out (now known as JOMO – joy of missing out!), clubbing is no longer a priority! Choosing to cook at home, or get a takeaway, are preferred to dining out. Binge watching Netflix from the sofa and swiping right, are now the more desired activities for this generation.
Here are our top 5 reasons why staying in is the new going out
1. Because you’re saving money
Why do bars insist on charging astronomical prices for alcohol? The best part about staying in is that you can hop down to your local supermarket/off-license, pick up a good bottle of fizz (for less than a tenner) and consume in the comfort of your own home. No overpriced cinema tickets, no unnecessary taxis, no shelling out on a new outfit, no need to do your hair, nails, spray tan – the list of savings is endless.By opting to stay in you’ll be inadvertently saving money – simple!

According to The Daily Express and research from Deliveroo, a third of Brits are lying to get out of a night out, at least once a month.(We’re pleased to know it’s not just us then!)
2. Because it is soooo much more comfortable!
Staying in the comfort of your own warm home spells a comfy sofa, no queuing for the loo,drinks,taxis,no blisters from teetering on ridiculous stilettos!
You can lounge about and stuff your face with popcorn until your belly is full and you’re your heart is content. (Incidentally our favourite is Tyrells Poshcorn #justsaying in case anyone wants to bring us some round!)
If you want to glam it up a bit, why not invite your friends round for a slumber party? There are some seriously gorgeous PJ’s out there… Our personal favourites are The Green & Pink Sarah Pyjamas. Made exclusively in the UK from the finest crepe de chine, they can even be personalised with your name. After all JOMO doesn’t mean your fashion standards need to slip!
3. Because you can actually hold a conversation with someone without having to yell!
Bars are loud. People are loud. And it becomes somewhat annoying when the only way to talk to your friends (or potential new love interest) is by yelling over Top 40 bangers. If you invite your friends over at home, however, there’ll be no piercing noises, no inexcusable bad music (you get to pick the playlist!) and no unnecessarily loud conversations. You are completely in control – pure bliss!
4. Because you’re practising self care
A major contributor to this behaviour (of JOMO) is the rise in popularity of self-care. More and more people are taking time out to look after and nurture themselves. Whether it’s a digital detox, eating a healthier diet or cutting back on alcohol, self- care is seen much more nowaday as a necessity, to get us through the complexities of modern life. Our self-love is actually starting to override our love of a boozy night out.

5. Because you can show off your cooking skills
There may be a huge list of all the latest restaurants you still want to visit, but let’s face it … they will be full …AND you’re meant to be on that post-Christmas “I want my body back” diet!
Staying in means you can show off your cooking skills and eat more healthily in the process. Joe Wicks Lean in 15, is always a personal favourite go to, for super healthy food, cooked from fresh ingredients and without too much effort.Your guests will think you’ve spent hours over slaving over the hot stove! And the best bit can roll straight upstairs to bed- BLISS!