The Puppy and PJ Pandemic


 Tallulah Pink has realised that there are 2 key things that have helped get her through the stress of 2020.

  1. She has finally had time to get enough sleep.
  2. In the absence of being able to socialise with her friendship group her puppy Bruno Mars really has become a girl's best friend.

Tallulah isn't alone, for many "Quaranteens" the lack of school has meant that they have finally managed to satisfy their "nappetite"

 Teens need more sleep because their bodies and minds are growing quickly. Scientific research shows that many teens do not get enough sleep. Lockdown has meant that Tallulah has been able to regularly get her 8 hours per day.

And Tallulah's puppy really has been her best friend through lockdown. A recent US Poll suggests more people are relying on their pets to keep their spirits high now more than ever before. 1 in 4 UK households now has a dog, they have helped to motivate us to get our daily exercise and they can genuinely help during times of stress. Petting your puppy relieves pain and reduces anxiety, all without the side effects of Valium.People with pets get sick less often and recover more quickly than those without animal friends.

  As Tallulah will tell you, "puppy love" is real. The bond we feel for our pets prompts feelings of elation, safety, tranquility, happiness, satisfaction, even love.  All those feelings that we have missed during the uncertainty of this pandemic.

So to honour her 2 favourite things Tallulah is launching a range of PJ's featuring the face of her best friend in the world, her puppy Bruno Mars. (oh he's called Bruno Mars because he is little with curly hair by the way!)

Tallulah Pink stands for positivity in times of adversity, celebrating the right to choose,love,friendship equality and empowerment.



The Tallulah Pink range is a capsule range of mix and match crop tops, shorts,T-shirts and crop sweaters that all come delivered in a super cute drawstring "nap" sack (perfect for back to school next week).

All items are £15.99 each with a mix and match offer of “any 3 for £25”

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